The United States Chess Federation is the Governing Body for Chess within the United States. They have a published book called The United States Chess Federation's Official Rules of Chess, contained within this book are all of the Rules and Regulations pertaining to Tournament Chess Play within the country. As a Chess affiliate, we are to use this chess book as our bible or our g.p.s. 

In order to play in U.S.C.F. rated games, each player must be a member of the U.S.C.F., membership entails the following: paying an annual fee of $40 and receiving a member number, this number you will give to the Tournament Organization and we will input your information within the system, accordingly. FYI, your Chess information is entered into a National Database that is administered by the U.S.C.F.

The results of each and every game will be documented and recorded for Chess History. the date, place, opponent , round, section, the color you played, etc. you will eventually get a Chess Rating, this rating is like your batting average in baseball or your grade point average in school. There will be some Chess Tournaments that will be restricted to players in a certain ratings range, in order to encourage fairness and/or a certain level of play!

Your membership must be up-to-date before tournament entry, the Tournament Organizers can update your membership, upon payment to us and we will send in your payment to the U.S.C.F. If you need an address changed or any of your contact information has to be changed, the Tournament Organizers can do this for you.

Please click-on to the link that we have on this page to see what the U.S.C.F. is all about.

Note: If you plan to travel from out-of-town to play in our Tournaments and need sleeping accommodations, there are quality hotels in the nearby cities of New Rochelle and Yonkers, NY that are minutes away from us! Inquire about becoming a member of the Chess Club of Mount Vernon, Membership has its rewards and privileges, take full advantage!