Scholastic Programs

In many Countries Chess is a National Pastime. There is a direct connection to Great Chess Play and Intelligence. In Countries where chess is cultural, you can easily see that, that society has advanced, better educated students eventually evolve into better educated adults. Occupations such as: Medicine, Law, Chemistry, Physics, Technology, Architecture and Mathematics, etc. become achievable.  The laws of probabilities will calculate this, if you have 20 million people who have been playing chess for at least  10-20 years, if you take 5 percent of that same 20 million you are bound to produce some high-skilled talented players. one million chess players becomes the net result. think about it, a million chess masters this is revolutionary!

In the city of Mount Vernon, NY there are approximately 10 thousand students, if a k through 12 chess program is introduced you are bound to get a 5 percent conversion rate of chess masters. that number equates to about 500 chess masters. Even the players who don't reach the master's level will benefit from the improved grade scores, S.A.T. scores  and overall intelligence. The city of Mount Vernon, the County of Westchester and the State of New York all will benefit.

The Chess Club of Mount Vernon sponsors Chess Tournaments regularly, our chess clubs are primarily aimed at adults 18 years and above. However, our scholastic programs are aimed in the opposite directions, for 17 years of age and under. Hence, off-limits to adults. We believe that there should be a clear demarcation of adult and child and they should be treated as such. We believe that there should be a specialized school in Mount Vernon that is chess based. If you can have a performing Arts School in Mount Vernon High School, then, there should be opportunities to have  Chess as part of the curriculum of every student.

This program will not cost the city of Mount Vernon one dime!

There are interesting parallels in Chess and in Life, each phase of Chess has its merits. I have found that many of our problems as a community comes in the opening phases of life as compared to the opening phases of Chess Games. As an African-American, I have found that many of our communities problems come in the beginning as in the K through 12 phase and a slight bit beyond let's say from 1 day old to age 21. Many of our problems start at home with parents who may be well intended, but our not equal to the task of good parenting. They are unwilling and/or unable to properly raise their children in the environments that many of us have to face, from the neighborhood, the school, the church and even some relatives can produce a volatile mix that can produce premature deaths, incarcerations, substance use and abuse.

There is a direct correlation between credit and character, these early phases is when credit is abused by family and/or child without knowing that your credit history will follow you for years both good and bad. When the time comes for major purchases like homes and cars your bad credit history will rear its ugly-head. all of these mistakes have come in the beginning or opening phases to life. When chess is played at the higher levels, you will find that your opponents will  be unforgiving and will capitalize on your mistakes. If a  person has played chess for years, they may learn to avoid many of the mistakes that will  cost many of their friends and family their lives and freedom, to make both tactical and strategic decisions can help to break the poverty syndrome and change a family's history for the better. The chess club of Mount Vernon is at the forefront of this!

The beginning phase to life can include the beginning phases of another life, as well. Choose your mate carefully! what may attract you sexually or personality-wise may not be the proper attributes for great parenting. Many of the deadbeat dads and unfit mothers come from their genetic make-up. Your genetic inheritance comes in two parts, you get 46 chromosomes in your body. 23 from the biological mother and 23 from the biological father. that mix of 46 chromosomes makes up, you. the common traits that both parents have more than likely will manifest itself within the child and/or children. let's say both parents were inclined for theft, then the child or some of the children will have a strong desire for that behavior unless removed from that environment, but genetics may still prevail. Choose mates that compliment your gene pool or else! this is the opening phase of a life.

The Introduction of Chess Programs throughout a school system can lay the foundation for life-changing events throughout a community. Great leaders always lead in the direction of the mass not to Individuals within the mass, they understand that a chain is only as strong as its weakest links. There are direct links to great school systems and increases in property values, this aspect cannot be ignored!

contact the Mount Vernon School Superintendent and/or the Mayor of Mount Vernon to inquire about having a strong chess program as a part of the educational curriculum.