Club Rules

  1. All members will have completed a membership form, with little or no omissions and incorrect information. Members are required to update their information annually let's say by July 1st of any year. If you moved, changed telephone numbers, emergency contacts and have any illnesses that we should be in-tune with. In the event of an emergency situation pertaining to you, we need to be able to contact a loved one who can best guide us pertaining to your medical conditions. All members should be adults age 18 and above. All minors must be accompanied by an adult.

  2. All members will observe all traditional standards relating to hygiene, dress, and appearance. We encourage casual dress, however, formal or professional attire while unnecessary will be accepted. We reserve the right at all times to deny you access to this club. We offer no membership dues, which there are no obligations to you past your last visit to us. A member who finds our rules and regulations challenging will usually self-exclude themselves from our doors.

  3. Hygiene, traditionally many Chess players display poor hygiene. This negative will get you thrown-out of the club immediately. You should have bathed at least once within the last 24 hours. Your clothing should not have been worn previously and prior to you wearing them to this club have been washed in quality laundry detergent such as Tide or Gain, etc. shower-to-shower powder should be sprinkled on the inside of your clothing to reduce and/or control foul body odors. You should brush your teeth and use mouth wash as to not offend other club members. FYI, many of your fellow club members may find the subject of your foul body odor a sensitive topic, not us! We will throw your ass out of the club with lightning-speed!

  4. Dress, you will wear your clothes exactly as they were designed to be worn. Men with their pants hanging off of their asses is an absolute no-no. We look for members whose correct style of dress is natural and is the result of good home training and a strong male presence within the household that they grew-up in.

  5. Appearance, hair styles count, thuggery is not what we are after. This is not a penitentiary. We are not impressed with how tough you are, most of the time that guy who professes the most toughness is usually a coward. I have seen this statement play itself out time and time again. You should have a hairstyle that a reasonable thinking person will find acceptable. Hair line trimmed, etc.

  6. We want like-minded people, who can bring class to us without altering our natural aura. You shouldn't have to play Chess here and we shouldn't have to have you as a member.

  7. You will display sportsmanship as much as you can. Nobody likes a sore loser, and equally, nobody likes an arrogant winner. If the defeat was fair, accept it! When you have a victory, remember how you may have felt when you have lost some time ago. The golden rule in full effect!
  8. Referral Fees: This is exclusively for The Chess Club of Mount Vernon Members that are in good standing with us.  You must first contact us about your referral, then we set-up an interview, they must pass our criteria, then complete our membership form. On the form, they must put in writing that it was, indeed, you that should get the credit as the one who referred them. The referral fee pay scale is as follows: $10 for a novice/beginner, $25 for experienced players and $50 for high skilled-high income players. You will be paid in cash!
  9. Reservations: No one will be allowed in the club without first making a reservation, just like you would in a restaurant. For purposes of security, spacing and organization. You must call us and we will reserve your spot. We will charge a reservation fee, you will be told this over the phone. If you are unwilling and/or unable to follow these basic instructions, to hell with you!