About The Chess Club of Mount Vernon

The Chess Club of Mount Vernon has been specifically designed to tap into your inner Chess Player. Our Attention to detail along with high standards separates us from the rest. The four virtues that we look for in prospective members are:

    The Character of the club showcases its entire reputation. High Character is the first step toward legendary status for us. This can be easily displayed in how a person acts, dresses, hygiene and their conversation.
    Intelligence represents the second step. The combination of book smarts, street smarts, and good common sense will take us to heights never before seen.
    Income, the Chess Club of Mount Vernon is a "for-profit" entity; we are not a charity. We are designed to make profits like any other entity. We want our members to be able to handle the financial responsibilities of having a unique entity within their reach. We look for members who can easily pay our reservation fees, tournament fees and coaching fees (if necessary) this is why we ask for your income and occupation. If you have to beg, borrow and steal to be a part of our club, we will ask you "to get lost."
    Chess skills, we have saved for last. First, we need to evaluate where you stand, and we will make every attempt to make you the best Chess player that you could be. This may mean that we have to have you play players on your level. By playing people on your level your chess experience will be more rewarding, then, we will monitor your progress against Chess Players who are on a much higher level than you are to see how you do against them.

Our doors will not be open to just anyone.

If you don't know how to play chess, so what! We can teach you. Many of us have been playing Chess for years but don't know how to play tournament-styled chess with a clock and U.S.C.F. or United States Chess Federation rules. We offer 2-hour sessions for $10. 

Example: If you have an 8:00 am session scheduled with us, your session will start at 8:00 am sharp and will end at 9:45 am. We need to stop about 15 minutes before the end of the hour because this allows us to prepare for the next sessions or perhaps, to recover from the previous ones.

Our lesson plans are simple. First, we teach you the basics, give you some reading materials to study, introduce you to online websites like chess.com where you can play chess against people all over the world on your computer, tablet or smartphone. You may find this a convenient way to gain knowledge and experience. We will also introduce you to chess software such as Komodo. You may find that the investment in this software will serve your purpose better than any chess coach will. Of course, we encourage over-the-board chess play. There is no substitute for seeing a player's reaction to an opening attack or a devastating mate. In talking with many players about achieving an actual mate is equal to the slam dunk in Basketball, the Home Run in Baseball, and the Touchdown in football on and on. Over-the-board Tournament play when there are significant cash prizes to be won makes for great and intense Chess play!

Finally, we reverse the roles, we are now your students, and you are the teacher! You don't know what you are doing until you can teach it, particularly, to a motivated student. The merger of a good student and good teacher is magic! You should learn to perfect your presentation skills and listen to the questions and comments of your students. Every time you teach a subject you actually get better at it. The questions that you will get thrown your way will confirm the strength of your teaching and communication skills.