Welcome to The Chess Club of Mount Vernon

This Chess Club is for the serious Chess Player, The merger of good Chess skill and Great Character makes for a great foundation. One of our main goals is to promote the game of Chess, regardless of the instrument that you use: via computer, smartphone, tablet and/or over-the-board play. We just want you to play Chess Period! We realized that there is a huge gap between those who can and can't play chess, we want to bridge that gap and perhaps close it all together. On the bottom of each webpage, you will find links to reading material that we feel will be very helpful to the beginner, intermediate and even some advanced players. Many things that we have concerning the game of Chess we will share with you, to help you become the best chess player that you want to become.

When an atmosphere is created that includes Teaching, Competition and Cash Prizes, you have the foundation for greatness! With the swift elimination of the "rift-raft" from the club the talent has no choice but to flourish. 

Always check-out our calendar page to find out what is going on at the Chess Club of Mount Vernon. Among the activities are: Chess classes, Chess Tournaments and Chess Parties. There is no "open-door policy" at the Chess Club of Mount Vernon. We only want the best or serious players that are trying to be the best! We suggest that you constantly improve your game, learn from your victories as well as defeats, always strive to get better. This Chess Club will be only as good as its members, think of it as the "NBA" , "NFL" and Major Leagues of Chess. These leagues only allow the strong to survive, the weak players are either forced to retire, not signed, traded, cut, benched or not even drafted. This pattern of behavior has forced each player to "step-up their games".

Note: Our ultimate goal is to produce a "DREAM TEAM OF CHESS TALENT" much like the 1992 Olympic team. The longest Journey begins with the first step. Call and set-up an appointment for you and/or your children at 914-663-1400.

Please inquire about our chess supplies, we are a chess retailer, we only sell what we use. If you have come to us for Chess lessons or played in our Tournaments, we only sell those items. We use quality products that the United States Chess Federation has approved. Our Chess sets our just that "sets" we want to outfit you for the whole world to see. 

The chess sets are as follows: Red, Blue, Green and black; they come with a matching carrying case, a silicone chessboard roll-up and 34 triple-weighted pieces, that includes one extra queen for both sides. The cost including NYS Sales taxes is $40. This price is comparable to online purchases minus the shipping costs and the wait time. We ask you to open the Chess Set in front of us, we want to examine the contents as much as you do, we have a no refund, no exchange policy once our items are approved by you that is it!

Note: we don't want you to order something from another store or from online and exchange your defective item with our new item. This is why we have this strict policy, absolutely, no exceptions. 

We also only sell ZMF-II clocks, the choices that we love are the black-boxed clock with L.E.D. lights that come in Red, Blue and Green lighted colors. These colors match the carrying cases and chessboards, hence completing your perfection. We sell these clocks including Four C Batteries and  NYS Sales tax at $70.

Think about it for only $40 you will have your very own Chess Set with a matching carrying case. The chess set can last 10 life times and makes for great family and group fun, particularly, at picnics, family reunions and "get-together's" at parks and beaches, too. Makes a great gift, as well! Note: once you add the chess clock, hey it is on from there. 

May God continue to Bless both you and your Family, from this day until your last. 

Sincerely, Troy Youngblood

Chess Club of Mount Vernon Founder